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摘要: 2、基本信息:Basic information 姓名:胡东祥 Name: Dongxiang Hu 性别:男 Gender:male 出生日期:1965年10月 Date of birth: October 1965 工作单位:青海省建筑勘察设计研究院有限公司 Company: Qinghai Arch ...

2、基本信息:Basic information

姓名:胡东祥   Name: Dongxiang Hu

性别:男  Gendermale

出生日期:196510    Date of birth: October 1965

工作单位:青海省建筑勘察设计研究院有限公司  Company: Qinghai Architectural Design Research Institute Co., Ltd(QADRI)

职务职称:总建筑师  高级建筑师   Post & title: Chief architect,senior architect

执业注册情况:国家一级注册建筑师    Professional qualification: first grade certified architects and certified structural engineer

3、教育和工作经历:Education and work experience:

教育背景:1982-1986  长安大学建筑系建筑学专业毕业(原西北建筑工程学院)

Education background: 1982—1986, graduate from Department of Architecture, Chang'an University, with a degree in Architecture.


Degree: Bachelor


Resume: From 1986, Qinghai Architectural Design Research Institute Co., Ltd, chairman of Architectural Design Branch of Civil Engineering Institute of Qinghai Province, Senior member of Architectural Society of China.

主要作品名单:The main works list :

1、          青海省会议中心  青海省优秀设计一等奖

The conference center of Qinghai province, first prize of Excellent Design of Qinghai Province.

2、          小岛援助青海文化教育发展基地语言研修中心  青海省优秀设计一等奖

Language training center of Kojima Suke Qinghai cultural education development base, first prize of Excellent Design of Qinghai Province.

3、          西宁经济技术开发区(国家级)管委会大楼  青海省优秀设计一等奖

The executive committee building of Xining Economic and Technological Development Zone, first prize of Excellent Design of Qinghai Province.

4、          青海电信公司办公大楼  青海省优秀设计二等奖

The office building of Qinghai telecommunication company, second prize of Excellent Design of Qinghai Province.

5、          青海民族大学体育馆  青海省优秀设计二等奖

The gymnasium building of Qinghai University of Nationalities, second prize of Excellent Design of Qinghai Province.

6、          西宁曹家堡机场二期扩建工程航站楼T2

Xining Caojiabao Airport Expansion Phase II Terminal T2

7、          青海省高级人民法院审判办公楼

The judicial office building of the high court of Qinghai Province

8、          青海建设科技大厦

Qinghai construction science and Technology Building

获得的奖励或荣誉:Awards & honors:

2008年青海省优秀专家;The 2008 outstanding experts in Qinghai Province

2009年获新世纪百千万人才工程国家级人选。The 2009 national candidate for the New Century Millions of Talents Project


Individual architectural theory, design innovation, creation experience


With the development of reform, the economy culture science and technology develops rapidly, city construction has been changing with each passing dayconstruction undertaking is having a great boom. It provides an opportunity for gaving full play to the architect 's talent, as well as a challenge. In the face of the multicultural interweave, improvement of informatization and ideological trend of Globalization, construction reflects substance and spirit, technology and art comprehensively. The fundamental pursuit is creating the internal and external space form to meet the contemporary need. It is the basical priciple that architectural design and creation must be applicable, economic and aesthetic. Under this principle, there have emerged many outstanding works of architecture in quite long in the past period. With the continuous development of society and the emergence  of various architectural thoughts and culture, this principle should be extend and rich further. At all times and in all countries, the trend of architectural form reflects the economics and culture of the age. During the development  period, construction should meet the space requirements  of modern man, use mature new material and technology, advocate the idea of sustainable development in architecture, embody the regional and culture, create architecture which meet the modern need of urban space, good image and suitability.

5、个人化点评:personal Comment



院长   王力明

As a professional architect, Dongxiang Hu has a profound theoretical knowledge, rich experience, unremittingly innovative ability and architectural creation ability. He has worked at architectural design line more than twenty years. And play an important role in booming the region's architectural creation, improving the level of architectural design, promoting the regional architecture design following the trend of the times closely. In particular, he guiding the regional architectural design work under the idea of green building, building energy saving, sustainable development architecture. In today's architecture design needs of the trend of diversification, Mr. Hu earnestly performs the architect occupation duties, strictly abides by the occupation moral, actively implement national and regional policy. The designed buildings reach the advanced level in the same industry, make better social benefits and environmental benefits. Many building projects gain  first or second prize in provincial excellent design prize.

In view of his excellent performance, Mr. Hu has been awarded the outstanding professional and technical personnel in Qinghai Province,the the outstanding experts in Qinghai Province, ets by the people's Government of Qinghai Province. And the national candidate for the  New Century Millions of Talents Project by National labor and social security department. He is the outstanding professional and technical personnel by provincial and even national certification.

       Qinghai Architectural Design Research Institute Co., Ltd

                       President  Liming Wang

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